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Assabet Interactive Website Privacy Policy


The following privacy policy applies to the use of Assabet Interactive’s online application and Assabet Interactive’s marketing website, located at, collectively referred to within this policy as “Websites”.

While browsing these Websites, a site visitor may click on links that send them to other websites operated by third-party services, and this privacy policy does not apply to those entities.

This document informs you of Assabet Interactive’s policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information sent to the Websites’ servers, both automatically and voluntarily, from visitors to these Websites.

All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that this document is accurate and up to date.


Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Data that could be used to distinguish or trace an individual’s identity is referred to as personally identifiable information, such as: name, address, email, telephone, social security number, date and/or place of birth, mother’s maiden name, bank account number, credit card number, or driver’s license number.

IP Addresses

An IP Address is the numeric address for the location of a device on a network, like the Internet, conforming to the Internet Protocol. With respect to the Websites covered in this policy, each has an IP address associated with its hostname. Additionally, anyone accessing the Internet is connecting to the network through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which will assign an IP address to the network or computer being used for access, referred to as the “client”. The web servers upon which the Websites reside keep log files with information about the requests sent to them, and these log files include the client IP address associated with the origin of each request. A client IP address is not necessarily a means to identify an individual and is not deemed to be Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


A hostname provides an alias for an IP address in a format that is easy for a human to read, understand and remember while conforming to the requirements of the structure of a URL. In the case of the Websites covered in this policy, the hostnames associated with those URLs are “www” for the marketing website, or a moniker which uniquely represents each Assabet Interactive customer.

Log Files

A web server log file contains information about every request and response handled by that web server. A web page on the Internet might be constructed from numerous digital assets (i.e. the page itself, images, scripts, visual styling rules, fonts, videos etc.). A request and response cycle is performed by the server for every one of the digital assets, and each cycle is individually logged on the server.

An entry in the log will typically consist of data like:


A cookie is a small text-based file stored on a site visitor’s computer when visiting a website. A cookie may or may not persist on the site visitor’s computer depending on how the website configures the cookie. Some cookies expire immediately after the browser is closed (also known as a “session” cookie), while others might expire after a number of hours, days, months, years or in some case, never. The lifespan of a cookie is dictated by the codebase of a website. Cookies can, however, be manually deleted at any time or even blocked from being created in the first place through a browser’s configuration options.

Cookies can be used to help a web server identify repeat requests from a site visitor during their session, or sometimes across multiple sessions. An example of the typical use of a cookie might be to allow the server to remember that a site visitor has logged into a restricted area of the website so it doesn’t need to subsequently challenge the site visitor to re-authenticate as each additional request is handled.

Third-Party Services

The term “Third-Party Services” refers to features or capabilities of the Websites that are facilitated by an entity or agent other than Assabet Interactive on behalf of Assabet Interactive. This privacy policy is not applicable to those services, which would instead be governed by their own privacy policy.

Discretionary Data Collection


The Websites use forms to collect information from site visitors for various purposes. Data submitted through such forms might be handled in different ways upon arrival at the server. In some instances the data is held in the server’s database for later retrieval by a designated site administrator. In some instances the data is collated and transmitted to a designated recipient via email. In some instances the data is submitted directly to a third-party service for storage and/or processing. In some instances data is handled via a combination of these methods.

For URLs with the “HTTPS” prefix, transmission of data between the client and server is encrypted and therefore not prone to any man-in-the-middle attack vulnerabilities during transit. If HTTPS were not enforced by default, you can attempt to manually change a URL to include the HTTPS prefix, however Assabet Interactive’s Websites employ HTTPS.


In some instances, content on the Websites is deemed protected and requires the use of a Assabet Interactive user account to gain access. The user account data submitted by a site visitor is parsed by an authentication mechanism within the Assabet Interactive application infrastructure and access is authorized or rejected.


Some features available on the Websites offer the ability to subscribe or opt-in to some kind of on-going communication schedule from Assabet Interactive or one of its agents (such as an email newsletter, or some kind of feed such as RSS). Any such communication opt-in is voluntary and offers a method to opt-out if applicable.

Automatic Data Collection


The Websites might use cookies in a variety of ways. The primary use of cookies is to maintain an active session between the client and server. Further uses of cookies center the ability for select third-party vendors to maintain anonymous statistical data for usage reporting purposes.


Assabet Interactive does not currently participate in any automated digital advertising campaigning.


Assabet Interactive uses select third-party vendors to provide anonymous statistical data about site usage, content consumption, and sources of traffic to the Websites. Such data allows Assabet Interactive to quantify the popularity of content, the effectiveness of digital and non-digital advertising campaigns, and to identify patterns that could assist in optimizing paths to key features on the Websites or eliminate problem areas.

Log Files

The servers housing the Websites are configured to maintain anonymous logs that enumerate all HTTP requests sent to them. Assabet Interactive or select third-party vendors can use these logs to assist in troubleshooting problems that arise on the Websites, or for insight into specific, although anonymous, usage of the Websites should the need arise. Log files are periodically purged.

Opt Out

There are a number of ways in which a site visitor can opt out of site usage tracking techniques, (such as the use of cookies or analytics data collection), including but not limited to browser options configuration, ad blocker extensions for browsers, or configuration of preferences with specific services providers (such as Google’s Ad Settings, or the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page).

There are a number of ways in which a site visitor can opt out or unsubscribe from elected communication subscriptions depending on the platform managing that communication and the medium (e.g. RSS, email etc.).

Sharing of Information

Assabet Interactive will use its discretion to grant access to anonymized data collected through the Websites to select institutional and/or third-party designees (i.e. Assabet Interactive’s clients), but will never sell, share, or rent this information for financial gain.

Security of Information

Assabet Interactive strives to maintain secure, confidential information technology systems. While all reasonable efforts are made to prevent unauthorized access to data associated with the Websites, Assabet Interactive cannot guarantee absolute privacy in the use of the Websites. Additionally, Assabet Interactive may be obligated to disclose information under applicable state or federal laws. At this time no such requests have been made.

Changes to this Policy

While this Privacy Policy may be modified in the future, it is currently effective as of August 1, 2019.

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